Hello, my name is

Javier Linares

I am

a Software Engineer & Linux geek based in Barcelona

Software Engineer with experience in backend development (PHP), system scripting (bash, Perl, Python), web frameworks (Drupal, Symfony), database administration (MySQL), caching (CDNs, Varnish), streaming (including HTTP based), testing, configuration management (Puppet, Ansible), cloud (AWS), high performance and high availability.

I have experience in both (i) the art of running your own company and (ii) the tao of working for a big one. Wide experience in sales, account and project management, professional services, corporate policies, 24x7, web standards & browser compatibility, user support, growth/hiring & motivating people and, last but not least, money.

from January 2018
from November 2014 to December 2017


Director of Managed Services

I went back to Crononauta to take over the Managed Services area, with a hands-on attitude. In 3 years we migrated to Prometheus, rewrote most of the monitoring and alerting code and move most of our customers to AWS. In 2017 the Managed Services area become the main activity of Crononauta, completing the company transformation.

In the technical level I mastered AWS and gained experience in Prometheus, Puppet, Docker and improved my level of Apache, nginx, Varnish and Linux. I participated in the 24x7 oncall rotations and first level support. We built a complete deployment solution based on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and AWS API Gateway. We used Twilio and Telegram APIs.

from April to November 2014


Principal Backend B2C

Main technical responsible for backend code for the B2C division, including security and technical excellence, and the relationship with operations. With a team of around 40 backend engineers, we were in charge for softonic.com (and all other domains), Softonic for Windows, native mobile apps and a set of internal tools. Although it only lasted 7 months (I resigned when massive layoffs were announced), I think I could write several books with that I learnt there and what we achieved with this amazing team.

In Softonic I had the opportunity to learn more about SCRUM and gained experience with a complex codebase, legacy and microservices. I could also learn and play with some of the neighbours in the Big Data town (Hadoop, HBase, Flume, Hive & Kafka) and get to know more monitoring tools (Ganglia, InfluxDB).

from 2010 to 2014



Co-founder, focused on growth, Key Account Management and Strategic Technical Leadership. The team reached 10+ members in 9 months, 30+ members in 3 years. Between 2013 and 2014 we created Drufony, a publishing and commerce solution based on Symfony, allowing the company to focus on one product and perform a downsizing. After 5 years, while keeping the co-ownership of the company, I left the day-to-day responsabilities in this downsizing.

from 2007 to 2010


New Technologies Technical Coordinator

Management of frontend, backend development, systems, operations and site reliability of motogp.com, including 24x7 monitoring, CDN integrations (Akamai and Level3), streaming (Live and On Demand Video) and datacenter management. I lead the refactoring of the whole MotoGP codebase with a small team, creating a really fast MVC based framework. I left this position after 3 seasons, to start a new company and spend more time with my family.

In the technical level most of the code was written in PHP. We released Lemur Framework, published right after a talk in PHP Barcelona Conference 2010, based on the ideas behind the internal framework. I also gained experience with high performance MySQL, MySQL Slaves, memcached and Varnish. We wrote a content dependency engine for CDN cache purge.


I worked for alquimia, a Drupal agency. Before, I co-founded interactors, a telecommuting based cooperative. Before, I maintained packages on the Debian GNU/Linux distribution, I used to write and translate documentation and helped organising GNOME Guadec3 (2002). Before, I was an intern in the University, maintaining computers and databases. Before, I got a job in an NGO I had previously volunteered. Spent some time in Croatia, Belgium, Hungary and Germany. Before, I volunteered in a free radio station.

Mail me to any address/mailbox at @javierlinares.com